News about VTMR online and a one-off prop update for Dark Realm

Ever since the original WON.NET servers closed down in 2006, trying to play Vampire the Masquerade-Redemption online has been very hit and miss. There have been many attempts to pursue a solution that works for everyone, but not all VPN LAN clients work for everyone. Finding a solution designed simply for gamers in mind was not easy (everyone remember when Hamachi used to be hit and miss back in the days of Windows XP? Fast forward to Windows 10 and it is almost impossible to use VTMR online this way!).
Then came Tunngle, and for several years it was a godsend- a central point for every gamer (new and old) interested in VTMR could meet in a Tunngle channel and wait for fellow gamers to exchange contact details with.
Sadly earlier this year, Tunngle closed down due to difficulties complying with GDPR laws. Luckily Evolve, an alternative service designed specifically for LAN gaming was around and I quickly circulated instructions on how to use this.
However, Evolve is also now closing next month (on 11/11/2018), and although they have advertised Bowstring VPN as an alternative, it is not yet open, and has no launch date yet. This leaves us with the following main two options:
Hamachi (does not work for anyone I’ve tried with anymore- no games or players are visible to each other!)
ZeroTier (download, install, right click the tray icon and join the following network ID: 9f77fc393eba4f6a . This option works for some but not others.)

There are several other VPN clients I have tried that have the same problem as Hamachi too! All have in common the same problem: they are designed for linking computers for remote access, not specifically for gamers! With this in mind, it is very dark days for VTMR online. We will continue to play online using Evolve until it ends, but it is quite conceivable that with no sign of Bowstring opening any time soon, there will be no universal way to play this game online anymore. Anyhow, Lenora has released an out-of-schedule update for her Dark Realm pack in the form of extra props. All other details from the September Update remain current. Whether this is one last goodbye or not, we certainly hope not! If anyone can help hunt down alternatives for getting an alternative universal VPN LAN service for VTMR, please let us know! I’ll end here with some photos Lenora has provided of her extra props.


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