Bloodlines Unofficial patch 10.1 out now!

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v10.1 30.09.2018
+Fixed Gary giving packs if you already have some and made it plus.
+Shortened Bat’s Communion to work with Beastmistress history too.
+Added Humanity gain for saving the quick Nosferatu in the warrens.
+Updated thin bloods on beachhouse beach and added monastery beds.
+Changed surplus Tremere history and improved Andrei’s atrium exit.
+Restored billboard and Chateau computer and fixed Obfuscate info.
+Fixed Ground 0 Humanity losses and wrong basic poster quest email.
+Restored Arthur’s computer and improved formats, thanks Psycho-A.
+Updated tutorial guard voice and SDK, thanks voerman and Psycho-A.
+Modified Chupacabra and Insectoid histories to avoid warform bug.
+Changed zoom factor of Steyr and SWAT rifle to real world numbers.
+Made Kamikaze Zen money stay in plus and Andrei don’t drop braid.
+Some superfluous items can be given to Pisha, Skelter and Strauss.
+Made Carson quest more logical by having the player phone Gimble.
+Added male blood doll to Smoke Shop and a surprise to pier ending.
+Moved Knox in Asylum to restore lines of Cal and some for Arthur.
+Corrected Auspex stats if you use “no changed disciplines” option.
+Swapped final poster quest poster and restored it to Ground Zero.
+Restored partial damage to supernaturals with several disciplines.
+Updated some entries in some computers to reflect NPC fatalities.
+Fixed four Humanity cost altering histories, thanks miracle.flame.
Made CDC guy at Fu Syndicate unbiteable like the others downtown.
Prevented player from using idle animation during a few cutscenes.
Added info to hacking popup and fixed minor map and text details.
Fixed condition for telling Damsel that you killed a werewolf too.
Changed criminal level of several weapons to get police to react.
Repaired small issues in warrens and hospital maps by recompiling.
Fixed critical bug when talking to Zhao from the shelves outside.
Unified formatting of newspaper articles and improved GUI details.
Added toilet doors to a few maps and fixed minor dialogue issues.
Fixed Presence hair and cleared Disciplines before more cutscenes.
Covered level holes in observatory, Red Dragon and Venture Tower.
Fixed vanishing details downtown, at Ocean House, and in cemetery.
Added missing monster sounds reacting to Dementation disciplines.
Made the patch copy all bin files into main folder to fix crashes.

Additional changelog for RC2:
+Removed plus and extras installer sub-options to avoid confusion.
+Improved snatching cutscene and made museum outside a combat area.
+Fixed an ignoring-Sabbat-ending issue and sneaking out with Kiki.
+Made Hengeyokai not freeze on Blood Theft and fixed Ji quest loop.
+Improved library and made Red Spot gum ball machine destructable.
Moved breakroom at the SM clinic so the geometry fits the outside.
Made blood dolls reappear after killing to avoid staying corpses.
Moved sarcophagus loading scene to Giovanni mansion back entrance.

Additional changelog for RC3:
+Finally fixed the dead-dog-still-hurting and Milligan freeze bugs.
Made sure beachhouse thugs are dead if Mercurio appears at beach.
Disabled bad icons and buttons for inactive Ocean House elevator.


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