Tunngle is dead, Evolve to the rescue!

I apologise in advance for the mess that this announcement will be, as it has been hurriedly written at this time. Anyone still playing Vampire the Masquerade- Redemption online will know that the original online service by WON.NET was shut down years ago. For the past few years, the community has worked around this using Hamachi at first, and then the more dominant Tunngle to play online via emulated LAN (as a VPN). Unfortunately as of 30/04/2018 Tunngle shut down for good!
However the good news is, games can still be successfully played via an alternative gaming VPN service, known as Evolve. This service is similar to Tunngle- you download a client and install it. Then register a username, and finally validate your email address to get started. There is an important difference- you must know who you want to play with and join a party to connect with fellow roleplayers.
Fortunately we have tried to make this easy for you. A party has been set up for Vampire the Masquerade Redemption and all you need to do is join it to find fellow roleplayers. First, add either “raggedrobin” or me- “rareborn” as a friend (or any other username of a player whom you know plays this game), and one of us will invite you into the party. Please be patient as we need to be playing online ourselves to receive notifications of pending friend requests, so this will take at best a few hours, at worst a few days! Be warned: can we please treat each other with respect, otherwise you may be banned from the party. Once you are in the party, open Vampire the Masquerade- Redemption, click “multiplayer” then choose “LAN” and then choose/set up your character. From there you may choose to either create a hosted game or join one already in progress.
If you are running Windows 10, you might run into problems connecting to hosted games- you may notice an exclamation mark at the bottom of the Evolve party window rather than “Status: Connected”. The most common reason for this problem is the “Evolve Virtual Network Adapter” not initialising correctly. There is a Youtube tutorial on how to fix this problem. Also for Windows 10 users: you must ensure that DirectPlay is installed and enabled, as Microsoft has disabled it by default. You will be prompted to install this component if you attempt to start a game if you don’t already have it installed. Just follow the on-screen prompts and then relaunch your game.
This post will continue to be updated as and when we learn more about Evolve. Please share this news with anyone who still plays Redemption online, we have not vanished! To peace!


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