Dark Realm Update June 2016

Another month, another Dark Realm update from Lenora. This release supersedes the May Day Update.

REMOVE BEFORE INSTALLING – This version of the Dark Realm Skins and Props is compatible with the previous version with this exception:
* Remove the grammophone prop from your saved maps. This version has been replaced by a new and improved model.


1) DELETE these files if you have them currently installed: BLUEORB Proppack.nob, Cigarettes.nob, Eliza.nob, Jason Jindrax.nob, Julio.nob, LenoraMinogue2.nob, ±PeR±Props.nob, Roman_Mod.nob, Sheliah’s Wing Pack, and TheMan.nob (John Costello skin). These packs have been incorporated into the Darkrealm skins and props.

Note: There is now NO overlap between the original, unmodified WTDpack01.nob. So if a particular map calls for this pack, you must install WTDpack01.nob separately.

2) Download and extract into your main vampire directory: Darkrealm_Skins_Core_06.06.16

This core download is all you need to have access to player skins and npcs. However, to have full access to NPCs, STs will have to spawn a base model npc and equip that character’s upgrade to get the desired look.

Choose only ONE of the THREE in this download: Darkrealm_NPC_Add_on_06.06.16

Darkrealm NPC.nob (full list of NPCs you can spawn directly…and when in doubt, this is what you should usually use, unless your games become unstable, then remove it)

Darkrealm NPC MD.nob (modern day focused list of NPCs you can spawn directly)

Darkrealm NPC DA.nob (dark ages focused list of NPCs you can spawn directly)

ABOUT THE ADD ONS: These optional add on files are designed as a time-saving tool to help STs spawn npcs easier. You do not have to install any of these files to use the core Dark Realms skins. Optional files now give you the choice between three add on files that will allow you to directly spawn npcs without having to spawn a base npc model and equipping it with an upgrade. If STs plan to use one of these optional add on files, they should instruct players to use the same additional add on file. The add on files are completely compatible with the core Darkrealm skins. So you can include them or delete add on files without worrying about impacting player skins. However, deleting an add on file will impact npcs on your saved maps.

5) PROP AND ITEM PACK: Download and extract into your main vampire directory: Darkrealm_Props_06.06.16

Note: These props and items can be installed separately of the Darkrealm skins. The skins are in no way dependent on having these props and items installed.

KNOWN CONFLICTS: Dark Realms Skins may or may not work with ±EOTW± or ±PER± skin packs since these are older incarnations of the Dark Realms Skins. You take your chances if you install them. The Six Skinpack.nob will usually only work with the Darkrealm Skins core and props downloads. Though you can always try it…but at your own risk. In general, avoid using too many extra skins, maps, or other mods with Dark Realms since this mod is huge and poor vamp can only handle so much.

HELP, I’M CRASHING: If you’re crashing with just the Darkrealm Skins core installed, you might have to just bite the bullet and remove other maps, skins, or props from your main vampire directory. I’d recommend starting with the maps, as they can really take a toll on the game’s stability.


An update that adds a few new skins, props, and fixes.


> Updated Alymer skin! Now includes two variations of a hussar soldier, one with helm, one without.

The upgrades can be found in the item list as:
Alymer_Hussar (Hussar soldier)
Alymer_Hussar_H (Hussar soldier with helm)

> Updated SirGraye skin! This skin now includes a new Victorian look. A subtly updated version of the old avian warrior skin from an old version of the Dark Realm skins has been added back into this pack and incorporated into the Sir Graye skin as an upgrade.

The upgrades can be found in the item list as:
SirGraye_Bird_Man (Avian warrior)
SirGraye_Hussar2 (Older hussar soldier without helm)
SirGraye_Hussar2_H (Older hussar soldier with helm)
SirGraye_Hussar_H (Young hussar soldier)
SirGraye_Vintage_H (Victorian look with hat)

> Updated Merlinda skin! Now includes a nude upgrade with helm. Also re-skinned the Merlinda_Sexy upgrade to include a serpent tattoo and brighter red lingerie.

The upgrade can be found in the item list as:
Merlinda_DA_B_Nude (Nude upgrade with helm)

> Minor Fixes/Changes:

* Fixed an issue where the evilsittingchair2 prop wasn’t spawning.
* Changed the motion set for the SirGraye skin.
* Fixed a glitch with the SirGraye_Suit npc/upgrade.

> Shades can now also be used for the following upgrades:


> Continuing support for NPCS! Just like always, all player skins and their corresponding upgrades can be used for NPCS.

art_renee (replaced the old Renee portrait with a new version)
grammophone (a newly enhanced grammophone)
roman_ballista (a brand new ballista model replaces the old one)
sandbag (a new sandbag fortification)

** Note on Prop Selection: If you’re having trouble selecting the rugs, move your cursor along the edge of the rug until you can select it. If you’re having trouble selecting the paintings, move your cursor directly beneath them near the floor.

*** THANKS EVERYONE! *** As usual, please feel free to distribute or use however you wish. Feel free to borrow any skins you’d like for your own packs or use these to make your own skins. Thanks everyone for continuing to give me feedback on ways to improve these packs. Please enjoy ***


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