Age of Redemption 2015 v1.3 has launched!

Date of Post 2.6.2015 by Javokis

Age of Redemption 2015 v1.3 has launched with the following changes:


-Serenity items and the sire finger, which were intended to reduce frenzy rating, were bugged [since vanilla] and didn’t reduce frenzy rating.
-Polished up player spawn points and lock exits when using the ST Scene pane in the Age of Redemption chronicle in MP.
-Fixed an issue with the Coterie using certain disciplines when idle even when Complex Coterie AI is off. [Now called AI Fully Aggressive under the Player tab in the new config app]
-Coterie was using blood healing while idle even when Auto Healing was shut off in the Settings>Coterie AI Controls.
-Fixed an issue with the Coterie AI permanently switching weapons when out of ammo thus not allowing the weapon to be unequipped.
-Quell The Beast has been fixed to work on both targets and self [when no target is selected].
-The follower weapon equipment orders effect icons will now be removed when you have no followers.
-Addressed an oddity in the followers scripts causing certain summoned beings to vanish shortly after summoning.


-Age of Redemption config app has been overhauled with considerably more options. Check the updated README for info.
-Sire finger no longer reduces frenzy rating, it now reduces the frenzy stat over time for as long as it is worn.
-Anezka will now give you another blessing if you talk to her a second time after giving her the Amulet.
-Blood quality rules have been implemented. Check readme for details.
-Diablerie, Blood Bonding, and Kindred Vitae addiction features have been added to the Feed discipline. Check readme for details.
-Blood quality can be modified easily by accessing the AoR>Config>config_bloodtypes.txt file.

NOTE: Multiplayer is not designed for “save scumming” so it is best to start a new game then advance the scenes with ST Scene pane.

SAVE STABILITY WARNING: There is no compatibility with prior save game versions. You will need to start a new game.
You can check out the mod here:


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