Project Vaulderie Cancelled Part 2

Fellow Kindred and fans of the World of Darkness,

The PC gaming community who has loved VtM: Redemption and Bloodlines needs your immediate help, but it will only take a moment of your time.

As you know, when CCP Games bought White Wolf, they intended to make a World of Darkness MMO. After several years, the development for game unfortunately was canceled. During the coarse of it’s development however, CCP Games didn’t communicate with the community as much as we were used to with previous VtM releases before the White Wolf purchase. Since the cancellation of the WoD MMO, CCP Games hasn’t really communicated at all with the community about it’s intentions of whether they will be intending to sell off White Wolf to another developer, licensing the IP to another developer or showing much interest in the WoD at all.

Recently, Project Vaulderie was launched. It was an attempt to port VtM: Bloodlines to a much newer engine (Unity), along with a resource checker to verify the person playing already had Bloodlines. Unlike the Skywind project that Bethesda allowed the Elder Scrolls modding community to make and even promoted to an extent, CCP Games sent the Project Vaulderie team a cease and desist letter. The interest in Project Vaulderie showed there is still a genuine interest in the World of Darkness in PC gaming.

What we would like to do is let CCP Games know we want another VtM or WoD video game. We also want them to acknowledge the and engage the community, communicating through Facebook and Twitter, really ANYTHING. Many in our community don’t see CCP Games as a company who really cares about the WoD at this point, and when we try to keep it strong while they decide what to do, they simply write cease and desist letters.

We need all of you, EVERY ONE OF YOU, to post on CCP Games’, Eveonline’s and White Wolf’s Facebook wall (links below). Post it in the comments of their posts if you have to! If you have a Twitter account, also write to @ccpgames. PLEASE BE PROFESSIONAL when doing so, or copy and paste the following, using the hash tags #worldofdarkness and #eveonline:

“CCPGames, we want a new World of Darkness PC Game or remakes of the older games on newer engines! I ask you let us know your intentions for the IP going forward and begin engaging the World of Darkness community on a semi-regular basis!”


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