Project Vaulderie – The Porting of Bloodlines to Unity Engine

Posted on 04.07.2014 by Signothorn

Project Vaulderie isn’t simply a continuation of the Bloodlines Resurgence project. Resurgence was kind of unintentionally an experimental project, where an attempt was made to port Bloodlines to a newer engine, to make it easier to mod and keep the game alive. Through the years, attempts were made to port the game to a newer version of Source, Alien Swarm and Unreal, to name a few. Through a lot of determination and experimentation, AtrBlizzard and his small team have determined they could fairly seamlessly port Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines to the Unity engine and re-branded Resurgence to “Project Vaulderie”.

There have also been a lot of articles recently about the status of AtrBlizzard’s efforts and communications with CCPGames/White Wolf and Activision. I’ve posted more info below in the embedded Facebook post. Also take note and subscribe to PlanetVampire and Resurgence Facebook pages within the article to stay updated. PlanetVampire will be the official forum for Project Vaulderie, at least for now. You can find their official website here:


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