The Let’s Play Series by Javokis Continues…

Posted by Javokis on Monday, March 3rd, 2014

A lot has been finished in the Let’s Play Vampire the Masquerade – Redemption featuring the Age of Redemption 2012 mod series since last posted here. If you have only been keeping track here at PV then you have missed out on several additional episodes. The series is one episode away from completion. There has been much covered in the AoR 2014 planner that was also covered in the series. If you’re just now aware of this project then I suggest you check out the following links:

(Fastest way to see what is going on with the Let’s Play series is to subscribe to the Javokis YouTube channel here)

(I post regular updates at the facebook page here)

(And of course the AoR 2014 planner is up on my forum)

If you are interested in seeing what all can be done with Vampire the Masquerade – Redemption, please bookmark the above links and check them regularly. Thanks.


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