Unofficial Patch 8.7 has been released!

Posted on 23.07.2013 by Wesp5

As usual find it at The Patches Scrolls. Many thanks must go to vladdmaster
and Stosh for endless beta-testing and even fixing some issues for me :)!

v8.7 22.07.2013
+Added a Sabbat option to endgame and improved library level details.
+Turned library boss to LaSombra and made him appear at SM junkyard.
+Improved restored broadsword damage and made Dane items undroppable.
+Added dialogue to diner trap and moved Obfuscator to original spot.
+Set eight occult powerups to be unknown unless Research stat is met.
+Removed girl body from King’s Way again and two Ash sewer switches.
+Made turnstile turn and restored Empire TV news, thanks vladdmaster.
+Fixed downtown elevators and added five arrows, thanks vladdmaster.
+Added credits to easter egg ending and moved Yugo near SM blueblood.
+Removed a Gangrel animation and fixed idle howling during dialogue.
+Fixed Mandarin dialogue not starting if Obfuscated and a Carson bug.
+Made Strauss give Fae Charm and Isaac Pearl or money when in basic.
+Placed two patrons into Lotus Blossom and lowered perceptions there.
+Restored several unused doors to tattoo shop and Hallowbrook lobby.
+Increased durations of level 3 Dementation and Dominate disciplines.
+Made Romero boink possible after zombie quest and Wong Ho stand up.
Activated asian vampire laptop screensaver and cover sound variable.
Fixed basic poster quest order and only Nosferatu getting CD email.
Corrected several downtown NPCs stats and Beckett’s cut lines again.
Added netcafe entry update for Ash and fixed Venture Tower handles.
Fixed final Masquerade violation crashes and five bad opening doors.
Corrected console errors on game start and a museum guard AI place.
Restored plaguebearer quest log, Regent line and Kerri waiting line.
Hid male Gangrel player model hole and rearranged UP Python scrips.
Prevented zero Humanity in Johansen dialogue and delayed Nines line.
Corrected Anders/Ingvar and Larry’s quest errors using sound files.
Repaired bad Ocean House basement sprite and traffic lights on hubs.
Locked morgue freezers, fixed text issues and improved level names.
Improved observatory cutscene cameras and fixed high stats tutorial.
Fixed killing downtown Ming and replaced boat-ending asian vampire.
Corrected tutorial issues and restored one sign, thanks vladdmaster.


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