Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 7.9 released!

Posted by Wesp5 on 23.11.2011

Go and get it here:

While searching for stuff to include in a possible library level, I found
over fifty unused props and restored them! Because this changed many maps,
the current patch is released as a beta first, but I hope that no hotfix
will be needed and it will be as stable as the last patch versions ;).

v7.9 22.11.2011
+Restored Giovanni spirit, video victim and fifty five scenery props.
+Changed condition for forklift sequence and restored Protean icons.
+Added option to send Gimble to Vandal and a museum panel inspection.
+Restored final two music pieces, thanks to Malkav and Rik Schaffer.
Corrected Romero not mailing and Vandal not giving additional lines.
Fixed chandelier and camera rod textures and drinking glasses clip.
Removed newspaper from downtown in basic and fixed minor map issues.
Added Packfile Explorer 3.9 to Extras folder, thanks to Dave Gaunt.
Fixed Hitman quest problem and restored lines of Lu Fang and Carson.
Repaired dancer behaviour at Confession and added it for Glaze too.
Restored Blood Hunt music, ballroom shaft of light and Sin Bin sign.


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