Unofficial Patch 7.8 is out!

Posted on 31.10.2011 by Wesp5.

Sorry for the late announcement, but Planet Vampire moved servers and there is still some trouble. You can find it here: and the changelog below (+ denotes plus patch changes).

v7.8 21.10.2011
+Added Masquerade violation on public sweeper kill, thanks to Malkav.
+Made artificial claws do only lethal damage according to WoD rules.
+Moved new music from warrens to tutorial and fixed Kamikaze Zen bug.
+Restored hidden sequence of Obfuscated Sabbat in SM to other place.
Toned new music on the pier down and improved Obfuscate description.
Added original particles to basic so it will revert them from plus.
Decreased skybox reflections in SM and the ENB mod, thanks to Felix.
Re-fixed theatre camera bug and corrected several minor map issues.
Fixed schrecknet commands being available after hubs were activated.
Added diagonal third person view camera commands to keydef options.
Removed Jack from haven during taxi ride and repaired Phil/Bill fix.
Made it possible to continue E’s quest after visiting Vandal often.
Added bus stop and sewer map landmarks and fixed a lamp texture bug.
Repaired Victor loop and added glass breaking sounds to beachhouse.


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