The Grand Masquerade Coverage at Planet-Vampire!

Posted by Signothorn on Thursday, 15 September 2011

We have several folks at The Grand Masquerade Ball this year and will post any info on the WOD MMO and the event as a whole as it’s released. Stay tuned, should be some great stuff, I can hardly wait! Also keep a close watch on our forums, lots of discussions taking place about the MMO, we’ve been covering it since it was first announced. Some updates from _Username as of 9pm EST on 9/17/2011: -UPDATE: everybody starts as mortal, and permadearh will be possible. -Pvp will not be required if people don’t want to do it. It will be perma-night. -Humanity is a trait, attacking others can lower it. If it gets very low, you become a free target to everyone. Very similar to low-security status in Eve. -Caitiff will not be a playable option at launch. -Dementation, Presence, etc will work differently against NPCs than other players. -NYC might be a setting…hard to say, from the wording. -A quote: “LARP is he inspiration for [the gameplay]” -Pvp is “very different…both more free and more restrictive” whatever that means. -“you will never be TOTALLY safe”…sounds like Eve. -Alternative paths of morality…not at launch, but they want to include them later. -Just humans and vampires for quite a while…other critters will be out there, but not playable. -Floating names over people’s heads is optional but not default. -Player actions will be the main driving force behind the in-game metaplot. -Diablerie is still being discussed…no verdict yet. -There will be multiple cities. -Cerberus is a localization tool to allow multiple game languages. Torpor will not be used in the traditional sense.


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