Another Antitribu Mod video!

Posted by Wesp5 on 19.06.2011

Mc.v9 uploaded another new cool video of their new Animalism Discipline. You can check it out below and here is a short description of the Discipline:

1. On Level 1 you summon several group of ravens, they will distract enemies around you. They will focus on destroying the ravens rather than you.
2. On Level 2 you summon black rats, the also distract enemies, but its very harder for melee enemies to hit them.
3. On Level 3 you will summon a dog, the dog has the ability to attack enemies around you, and its quite strong.
4. On Level 4 you summon a single wolf that will attack your enemies. The wolf is more powerful than the dog and has a higher endurance.
5. On Level 5 you will summon 2 wolfs to attack you enemies. at this level of mastery you are powerful enough to handle multiple summons.


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