Unofficial Patch 7.5 is out!

Posted on 31.05.2011 by Wesp5


We’ll be releasing localized patches over the following days.

(+) is for Plus Edition players only!
+Set cameras stack limit to five and fixed bad stack limit variables.
+Made Heather meet you out from Venture Tower and fixed Gargoyle XP.
+Corrected restored content appearing in Giovanni Mansion and temple.
Moved unreachable NPCs at Hallowbrook hotel and fixed door opening.
Fixed Regent’s lip-sync, warehouse pallet and railing clipping bugs.
Stopped VV sending emails if pissed and fixed some minor text bugs.
Fixed wrong weapon stats shown using new client.dll, thanks to int9.
Made Red Dragon hostess stay and repeat her elevator conversations.
Restored original poster order and clerk sexual bias to basic patch.
Fixed claw brother being susceptible to one-hit-kill by Possession.


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