Several Redemption Mods Recently Added to Files Area

Posted by Signothorn on 17. January 2011

I wanted to draw some attention to some recently added mods to the P-V file archive. It looks like some old school Redemption players have returned and begun uploading some really cool files that you may not have ever seen before. You too can upload files for Redemption or Bloodlines , all you need to do is go into the Files Area¬†and look for the upload link on the left. Use the drop-down menu to select the specific category of the mod. Please refrain from simply using the Redemption or Bloodlines parent directories, unless your mod doesn’t apply to any of the sub categories. Whenever possible, please also upload a screenshot of the mod you are uploading, people are much more likely to try it out.

I also just uploaded the Santa Monica hub from Bloodlines that The Upstart converted for Redemption. A preview video can be found below (slightly NSFW)


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