Clan Quest Mod 3.0 released!

Posted by Wesp5 on 14.01.2011

Burgermeister has updated his great Clan Quest Mod to version 3.0! It’s up on planet-vampire here on his page . There’s a couple different mirrors you can grab it from. Of course, you can get a bunch of information over at the moddb page as well:

And, a condensed feature list here below:

– Added new Kuei-Jin themed quest available to all clans
– Added an alternative solution for completing the Fu Syndicate scenario
– Added an alternative solution to navigating the Warrens
– Added new cut scenes to the Malkavian clan quest
– Added a new mini-quest for Malkavian characters
– Added a special Easter egg for Malkavians
– Integration with Companion Mod, i.e. Comp Mod Lite
– Added Strauss’ terminal in the chantry
– Added a special hidden Easter egg, featuring the Prince
– Changed the stealth section of the Toreador quest to be more coherent
– Changed the battle with Strauss in the Brujah quest to much harder, incorporate the Regent’s Thaumaturgical abilities
– Updated the installer to use the game’s root directory as the target install path, rather than the ‘Vampire’ directory within the root directory.
– Updated the installer to not include an uninstaller, display meaningless warning messages
– Updated the mod to integrate with Unofficial Patch 7.9


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