Bloodlines Revival now Bloodlines Resurgence.

Posted by Signothorn on Thursday, 21 October 2010

It was announced a while back that the Bloodlines Revival Project has changed to Resurgence. Revival was intending to port Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines to a newer version of the Source engine that Half-Life 2 and other games are based on because the newer version of source is more moddable. The transition to the newer engine proved to be nearly impossible, though some progress was made through the tireless efforts of their staff.

The Revival team later discovered the Alien Swarm¬†engine would be more suitable to accomplishing their port of Bloodlines, due to a more extensive and free SDK. It will also give developers more freedom to mod the game how they see fit, such as full expansion of the game and the ability to add hubs with a more open atmosphere. The game “Alien Swarm” is available for free on Steam if you want to check it out.

The port of the game will require you have the original Bloodlines installed to play, for those who may be concerned with copyright issues. Going forward, Planet-Vampire will be following this project much more closely and wish them the best of luck!

Their homepage can be found HERE.

Added: The Resurgence team are currently looking for coders to help with the transition to the new engine, one of the biggest obstacles they face is adding some of HL2’s native features into the Alien Swarm engine, such as native 1st person mode. Click here¬†to see exactly what needs to be done and the tools you’ll need.


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