Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 7.1 Released!

Posted by Wesp5 on 21 September 2010

The 7.1 version of the Unofficial Patch for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines has been released. The discussion on the patch can be found in This Thread.


(+) denotes changes for Plus Edition players only.

+Added lower player sell values to all weapons which were missing it.
+Restored missing Bertram quest state and fixed broken Isaac update.
+Repaired Venture Tower bomb timer and added it to elevator trap too.
+Moved Pearl of Dubai to Regent and restored Isaac Fae Charm reward.
Added lights-through-walls fix to engine.dll, thanks SomeCommentDoe.
Improved breaking museum windows and fixed more minor level errors.
Removed new Mitnick quest and Chastity’s sword from the basic patch.
Fixed headrunner dropping through netcafe floor and a German popup.
Locked gallery front after crime and restored lockpick to warehouse.
Corrected wrong painting positions after slashing then re-entering.
Fixed mirrored beer labels and minor dialogue problems of some NPCs.
Restored Therese and Jeanette reconciling and cash to Kamikaze Zen.
Improved missing fists fix and made pool stripper appear later only.
Made SM laptop stay in old haven in case of random Skyeline issues.
Tweaked Cleopatra history to avoid making Obfuscate powerup useless.
Removed Fae Charm from Tseng to avoid bug on getting it from Isaac.
Fixed blood doll sound and line so it doesn’t refer to women as men.
Made Fu Syndicate doors move slower and added a lantern to warrens.
Disabled endless arrow spawning in the chests of first Temple level.


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