Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 7.0 Released!

Posted by Signothorn on Monday, 28 June 2010

Wesp has released version 7.0 of the unofficial patch for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. The discussion on the patch can be found in This Thread.

(- ) denotes changes only available when you are playing plus edition of this patch

– Repaired Tourette ammo and added XP and redemption for the Gargoyle.
– Removed SM clinic combat zone and added netcafe combat zone switch.
– Added SWAT rifle ammo model and restored several blunt weapon stats.
– Improved Yukie translation and removed GLOCKs from the Hallowbrook.
– Decreased bomb timer to 30 seconds and changed endgame Skelter line.
Fixed Arthur, Lu, Beckett, Isaac, Victor and killer dialogue issues.
Restored about hundred unused floats and removed bad ones for Kiki.
Fixed tutorial blood reset and improved Chunk Gallery Noir sequence.
Opened beachhouse door on combat and moved blanket to Hannah’s bed.
Fixed Gary’s photo sound, Ricky’s glasses and improved emails order.
Removed Grout’s trigger after use and Murietta’s key if not needed.
Swapped some pedestrians to reduce clones and added Yukie quest log.
Fixed Yukie boots, Sabbat ankh and Barabus feet, thanks to DDLullu.
Displaced two buggy Luckee Star doors and made the sweeper stronger.
Fixed Dane cop, Bertram, Dennis, LaCroix, Venus and Knox dialogues.
Repaired Ox, mugger and Heather dialogues and restored Barabus line.
Corrected Lily cutscene and stalker hair models, thanks to DDLullu.
Fixed Yukie’s shop stats, Maria’s invitation and Venture tower door.
Added emotions to Ming’s Temple lines and fixed Hallowbrook script.
Swapped Mitnick clone with player model and added Temple door sound.
Tried to fix zombies and stalkers occasionally using normal voices.
Fixed female Tremere hair, thanks for the skin to a nameless modder.


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