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Posted by Signothorn on Saturday, 22 May 2010

I just wanted to post an article with a couple of shout-outs to some people who have been making improvements to the site recently.

-Paine spent a great deal of time making a new Files Area for, one that now has many features the previous one did not, such as the ability for people who have registered with the site to upload new mods with the proper descriptions and categories. This wasn’t easy, it took allot of time so mega kudos to him!

-Burgermeister01 has been helping on a couple of fronts. Besides juggling rl and his various modding projects, he has been working on designing a template for people to have their own page to support their mods at PV. When completed, it will be similar to his page for the Clan Quest Mod. After he gives the word, anyone who wants unlimited space and bandwidth to promote their Redemption and Bloodlines projects can simply request their own module and be able to easily organize their work and embed videos.

He has also written a program that can take data from the old forum and with a great deal of work, transfer old threads into our New Forum. The new forum has many more features than the old one lacked but he’s helping us preserve our history and great appreciation is deserved.

-Mv.C9 has been working on the Redemption area of the new site. It’s still in the works and will completely erase the work I’ve done there so far. We’re looking for a new way to display content there and we kinda volunteered Mv.C9 to help out with it because many of us staff from the old site couldn’t decide what to do. Mv.C9 has offered to help us in the past and though I may have butted heads with him a couple times in the process :P, I appreciate his efforts.


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