Team Camarilla Releases The Final Nights Expansion for Bloodlines

Posted by Signothorn on Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Zer0Morph has released sort of a beta version of their “The Final Nights” expansion for Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines. The unofficial expansion is still in the works but they are proud enough of what they’ve accomplished so far to share their progress with us.

Changes include:

7 Brand New Clans

-Baali – Evil demon worshippers, corrupters of souls

-Followers of Set – Usurpers, use serpent charms

-Ishtarri – African clan of gluttons, information gatherers

-Osebo – Violent warriors of Laibon, quick to frenzy

-Salubri – Noble healers and warriors of the righteous

-Samedi – Rotting, stinking undead, good assassins

-True Brujah – Educated scholars, hate the children of Troile

5 Brand New Disciplines

-Daimoinon – Discipline of devil worship which specializes in the corrupting of souls and infernal combat

-Serpentis – The Setites core discipline, can use to charm others and take the form of their god Set

-Temporis – The time manipulation discipline, can slow time to a crawl in which there is no defense

-Thanatosis – A truly disturbing discipline which involves manipulating effects of death and decomposition

-Valeren – Combines both healing and enhanced martial ability, an assault from heaven itself

Enhanced/Brand New Quests

– Potential to earn more XP than before

– Grunfeld Bach has additional support in final battle

– Chastity is the leader of a small squad of hunters More to come on this…

Humanity/Frenzy– Murder will drop your Humanity to a minimum of 3

– You can lose Humanity for acts such as threatening, stealing, corrupting, and many other vile deeds

– Those with low Humanity will succumb to frenzy much faster than before And much more…

For download links and discussion, visit the Project’s Forum , as well as a discussion in our forum HERE


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