Planet Vampire gets an overhaul!

About a year ago the Planet Vampire staff pranked its members with the creation of Planet Cyril. It was terrible (and more than a little hilarious), but we learned a lot about what the community members perceive and expect from us. We felt that there were indeed many improvements that could and should be brought about, and this site overhaul is the result of our efforts to bring the website into line with what you — the players — want for our community.

Support from our previous, long-standing sponsors has been dwindling, and we took the initiative to set up an alternate site in the event that our old host lost the ability to support our community. That happened around midnight on 28 March 2010, which is why we switched overto the current host and layout. The forum continues to thrive, thanks to IGN’s reliable ForumPlanet architecture.

In the meantime, please excuse our mess. We were not expecting to switch over quite so soon, and the entire staff has been mobilized to provide you with all of the files, news and community resources that we can. These next couple weeks will be very exciting as we reorganize this 10 year old site in an unprecedented overhaul, ensuring our ability to serve our loyal community members for many years to come.


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