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Off Topic / Re: There is a Song/Video in Your Head...
« Last post by Signothorn on Today at 07:21:14 PM »
Just fyi, Youtube has changed most of their links to https. If anyone would like to embed a yt video, they'll need to remove the "s" at the end, so it's http: instead of https:.
Project Vaulderie / Re: Frequently Asked Questions
« Last post by silhouette666 on Today at 06:20:14 PM »
Certainly I'm not comparing Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines to the Escape From Monkey Island games from LucasArts, but LucasArts updated a game that originally came out in 1990 (The Secret of Monkey Island) and in 2009, they updated the graphics but the whole concept of the game was the same.

I suppose this may be a silly question, but the graphics will be improved at least slightly? I don't know anything about building games, or very much about the Unity engine, only that it is mentioned a lot in in the Indie gaming world (I watch a lot of gameplays w/ commentary on youtube and most of them are from the Unity engine).

Here is a before and after. I'm not saying Bloodlines is as bad as the left, in fact it's a beautiful game for turning 10 years old this year, but I suppose it is just something I've wondered about. Can the characters be given that extra oomph?
New World of Darkness / Princes of Darkness, CK2 Mod
« Last post by flint on Today at 04:51:44 PM »
After only a hundred years, the Heiligen Nacth Reich der die Unbesiegt dissolves.  The pretext was a dispute between Invictus guilds of Florence and Pisa, but in truth the Kindred princes throughout the empire demanded independence to pursue their private wars against each other.  The Imperator abdicated. The Final Council’s decisions were simple. The Council accepted the abdication of the Emperor and dissolved the title. All Electors renounced those titles and renounced any idea of a central government for the Invictus. Instead, the Electors would return to running city fiefs as individual realms, so that a Guild recognized in one city had no claim vis-à-vis a Guild recognized in another.

Princes of Darkness is a New World of Darkness themed mod for Crusader Kings 2, that is currently in development (though a playable version has been released).  Focus starts with Requiem and expand from there.  Setting is 1250 AD, after the end of the First Invictus Empire.

You can follow the development log and download the development version here:

Canon is Requiem, then Vampire: The Dark Ages.
WOD MMO General Discussion / Re: Good news regarding WoD Online!
« Last post by Radical21 on Today at 03:06:29 PM »
The reason you play games like Diablo III(AKA Diablo: Casino edition) instead of games like Path of Exile for example, is still beyond me.
Shadowbane had the most unbalanced system I've seen in an MMO so infinite levels didn't help at all.
I'm not a grind-loving player so as someone interested in game design I ask myself if the idea of inifinite levels or levels is really such a good thing..

The concept of effort is somewhat vague since being bored while your character repeats the same action over and over is not exactly effort in my eyes even though it is painfully tedious and boring(and thus a part of the game I would skip without feeling guilty about).

Lets take DayZ on Zero Survival.net server : there are no levels but there is a big difference between a veteran and a newb : A veteran knows most of the places where the different types of loot spawns, he probably managed to build a base where he can secure vehicles,equipment and guns that are otherwise rare to find.
A newb starts with nothing and since in death characters drop all their stuff, the only way to really save gear is in either Vehicles or Tents or Stash(all storage  devices are destructable and lootable if found). Base building materials are rare so build a base is actually hard:Searching and find the rare materials , making a hidden storage in a place where other players won't find and loot and transporting the stuff to that hidden place where they could be saved is not easy either in most cases so i'd call that effort.
Securing a begginer's base is also difficult since its easier to break into.
At the  "Endgame" you have clan wars with sieges, raids on bases and trying to secure the four aircrafts.

Its true that a newb can find higher tier weapons or even the helicopter and use them but chances are he won't keep them for long due to the knowledge required to operate them and the space required to store them. 

The game has very limited content but I think it does a good job of keeping balance and being interesting without a leveling system.
The only problem is that after the "endgame" stage a player may end up at a point where there is not much to do aside from helping allies,  or trying to improve his record and infamy(to be the best on the server at something), I don't think levels would be a solution to that.
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Where can I buy the game?
« Last post by Katapagan on Today at 01:15:44 PM »
The game is "something like banned" here, so I had to pirate it. But amazon.com has pretty much everything, I would suggest buying off amazon. About Steam, I'd say stay away, because the game itself is problematic enough already, mix Steam in and you're going to have bad time.
WOD MMO General Discussion / Re: Good news regarding WoD Online!
« Last post by Valamyr on Today at 10:23:56 AM »
Progession cannot become infinite however, if you do that you end up with a game in which either progession is not that significant or a broken game of some players being god-like and the rest of the players at their mercy. Even if you say that PVP doesn't matter, finding excitement in such a game is rough

It depends. The example I gave is Diablo 3, probably not your cup of tea, but it does technically have infinite progression in both 'paragon levels' and the chance to improve your gear; even if its really good you could roll a slightly better item. There's still a plateau of power though. The exponential rise in the XP curve makes it difficult to progress past a certain point, and eventually the odds of getting upgrades are very slim. Once you reach that peak, your power level will be very similar to someone who played twice as much, because gains become rare and small and far in-between. You hit a wall of sorts at the peak of the curve, but the progression is still technically possible and infinite. A few PVP MMOs toyed with infinite levels, like Shadowbane back in the day.

Now Diablo's pvp is laughable (just a small area where you can fight each other without consequences nor rewards), but I've messed around in it with clanmates who played far more than I and held my own fine despite the fact they played far more because we've all reached the 'wall'. Any of us could still swat a dozen average players who haven't like flies though who simply haven't put in the effort yet. And that's a component that's increasingly missing in MMOs. I like games that force players to put in some effort if they want to play in the big leagues. That doesn't mean a lowbie shouldn't be given a chance to participate in PvP, but committed players should play on a whole other level. If equal/high end power is basically served on a platter after a very short leveling game (ex. Guild Wars 1/2), you end up with identical characters, level capped and geared identically, brawling it out much like in a FPS.

ESO suffers from superfast leveling syndrome, we're all 50 already. But at least there's still progression going on in various ways mostly related to itemization. And there is one thing to really aspire to, the equivalent of being crowned Prince in our hypothetical WOD; Emperor status. While Emperor you are immensely powerful, and even after losing the crown, you retain permanent bonuses that only other former Emperors can aspire to, and since there'll be only a handful of people to ever commit enough to reach and hold such status, that's the kind of mechanic that I like. Sets the dedicated apart from the peasants.  :vampwink:
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Where can I buy the game?
« Last post by Malkav on Today at 07:04:48 AM »
You might look if you can get the DVD version somewhere. That's only one disc and contains the european version with the english, french, and german language versions. Though I'm not sure if you still can find it at a reasonalbe price. I got mine in 2009.
No idea where you can get a download copy. Never done that myself. I prefer having a hardcopy.
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Unofficial Patch 8.9 released!
« Last post by Wesp5 on Today at 04:11:30 AM »
Is there a companion mod that includes the 8.9 plus restored content?

No, the companion mod is based on a very old patch and Bloodlines mods can't be combined. Your only chance is to wait for the new CQM which is based on a newer UP and includes a kind of Companion Mod light!
Bloodlines Tech Support / Where can I buy the game?
« Last post by Jojobobo on Today at 03:19:42 AM »
So I now have a mac which I got free with a my uni course, my previous laptop which I had Bloodlines installed on having died on me. I've found a wineskin wrapper off macports which says it is compatible with Wesp's patches, however I have one problem: where, apart from Steam, can I buy the game?

I'm not a big fan of Steam, and I used to get Vampire from Gamefly (having purchased it years ago from them) however they require you to use their downloader which is a windows .exe file - i.e. not compatible with macs. I'm sure there would be a way to get their downloader working on a mac through wine, but it's not something I really want on my system in the first place so it seems like a lot of effort to go through to install software that to me is undesirable. It's very annoying that I can't download a game I've bought from them without their installer.

Any thoughts? I've had a look into GameStop, but obviously their version is only available to US customers and not UK customers - makes perfect sense right? It'd be great if GOG had it, it seems like the kind of game they should have on their website - but currently it's only on the wish list for the site (despite having almost 15000 votes saying they should obtain it).

I will say that if I can't find the game legally, I'm just not going to bother. I don't pirate games, so that isn't something I would ever consider. I'm also not keen on using a disc copy either (I'm sure my old disc copy should be kicking around somewhere) as wineskin wrappers tend to not work when you require multiple discs for the install (it doesn't register that you've inserted a new disc).

I thought this was the most appropriate place for my question, but if not can a mod move the thread elsewhere.
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