Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption is available on the GOG (Good Old Games) as a $5.99 digital download.
Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption is available on the GOG (Good Old Games) as a $5.99 digital download.

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Welcome to Planet Vampire! Whether you're a White Wolf fan, a fellow gamer, or a wandering soul who lost their way and wound up here, you'll find something for everyone. We are the number one fansite for White Wolf's Vampire Role Playing PC games. Here you will find info, art, mods, patches, fan creations, and on-going discussion on the pen and paper (P&P) RPG and the PC games Vampire: the Masquerade - Redemption (VtMR) and Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines (VtMB).

Make sure that you have the latest version of the official patch installed to ensure the best and most reliable performance from the games. The current final official version for Redemption is v1.1, and for Bloodlines it is v1.2. Bloodlines also has a very well-made unofficial patch, which will bring you to v9.2. Visit Patches-Scrolls for the latest version or one of our mirror links below.
For support, please register on our forum. Registration for the main site is currently closed pending a major reorganisation, and the huge volume of automated registrations (aka spam bots) is a massive hindrance. Should you require an account here to upload custom content, please do not hesitate to let us know on the forum!
Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 9.2 released!
Posted on 30.10.2014 by Wesp5

Get it as usual from The Patches Scrolls ( in Germany) or from our two Planet Vampire mirrors ( in Canada and in France)!

Version Changelog:

v9.2 30.10.2014
+Fixed issue with cleaned appartment and removed some cable shaking.
+Added more Trip and turnstile lines and unknown Occult item infos.
+Corrected Obfuscator aura and one missing halo for tutorial wolves.
+Restored missing Ocean House newspaper and made photos look sepia.
+Added quest state for warehouse bonus and fixed minor text details.
+Restored generators to Leopold Society and improved warehouse one.
+Added toiletries to Skyeline haven and fixed SM victim standing up.
+Changed library boss teleport behaviour and fixed his cover nodes.
+Moved Braid Talisman into the Hallowbrook atrium and removed blade.
+Restored Copper Masquerade violation and added a line about Nines.
+Added Combat to feat names, restored Soak and called Social Public.
Repaired dialogues of Knox, Heather, Therese, Vandal and Dane cop.
Fixed some dirt floating inside of holes and more minor map issues.
Made only Chunk use the Gallery Noir entrance to hide during rain.
Repaired popping Ocean House sounds and getting stuck with witness.
Hid Ocean House and Grout's mansion blocks and a downtown texture.
Doubled distance in which detail models fade away, thanks to QUAKE.
Fixed Skyeline elevator issue and VPK packing, thanks vladdmaster.
Added updated into Python 2.7.2 folder, thanks Hasimir.
Fixed Jack not replying due to Python, thanks Hasimir.
Moved patch info to gameplay menu and fixed madness sounds effects.
Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 9.1 released
Get it as usual from The Patches Scrolls ( in Germany)
or from our two new Planet Vampire mirrors ( in
Canada and in France)!

v9.1 04.08.2014
+Improved Gimble to Vandal dialogue and options to get Trip's quest.
+Fixed volume of Blood Hunt music and active discpline's durations.
+Corrected library decal problems and stuff in bloodless apartments.
+Made Hallowbrook atrium skipable but moved Ra blade there as goal.
+Added line of Venus to get rid of the turnstile in Club Confession.
+Fixed beachhouse dog clipping and tutorial guard attacking player.
+Updated Free View Weapons to plus version and fixed some histories.
+Halved damage of Giovanni ghosts and increased Obfuscator trigger.
+Fixed missing blood pack after blood hunt and Barabas breaking out.
+Added sound to blood guardian summoning and removed a blood trail.
+Changed Sheriff's sword from Brawl to Melee and improved Lily line.
+Delayed quick Nosferatu leaving and improved Pisha leaving issues.
+Corrected library and Asylum elevator problems, thanks vladdmaster.
+Moved unused Asian music to Kamikaze Zen and restored Lotus music.
+Added occult item Research text and fixed issue with Heather quest.
+Forced Skelter dialogue a second time and moved saves to old/save.
+Added library note inspection and restored tree to Leopold Society.
+Fixed Nosferatu issue for male blooddoll and warrens spiderchicks.
Removed Beckett warehouse stealth message and sleepers standing up.
Fixed tutorial invisible-popups-teleporting and minor text issues.
Repaired possible Ming after Hallowbrook bug and warrens doorblock.
Fixed Christopher, Damsel, Gary, Johansen and McFly dialogue bugs.
Corrected syntax errors using VTMBedit and fatguys not using claws.
Fixed sewer sound transitions on SM, Hollywood and Chinatown hubs.
Removed visible Pisha victim and improved scary Ocean House sounds.
Corrected tilted Hollywood streetlights and removed Asphole block.
Made Steam default folder and added numbers to Empire Hotel floors.
Fixed map holes at Skyeline vent top and Leopold Society sea cave.
Repaired Grout's candles and Heather's clothes, thanks vladdmaster.
Adjusted health bar frame and weapon/discpline highlight graphics.
Hid Blood Hunt flickering with dumpsters and removed sewer copcars.
Added Nines' gesture and improved Wong Ho one, thanks vladdmaster.
Restored Giovanni meeting guys and fixed Ocean House model details.
New Site Director at!
Posted by Signothorn on 28.07.2014


Some of us have known each other since 2004 when Bloodlines came out and some of us since Redemption in 2000. PlanetVampire has evolved many times through the 14 years that I've been a visitor and ultimately Site Director. However, I took over in part because I wasn't sure anyone else would step up and I kind of had a vision of getting us off IGN when things started breaking down there. However, I still love the site but I really don't have the skill set needed to do web admin work. I'm very thankful to all the great help I've had getting the site functional, getting the old IGN forum transferred when we didn't have access to the database and numerous recoveries when the site went down. If the site is going to continue, we need someone leading it who knows how to better implement ideas and has ideas of their own to press ahead.

Some time ago, I met Samspin on Tunngle. He was a friend with another friend I knew from the Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption multiplayer world. He inquired about archiving Planet-Vampire's files so they didn't get lost if something happened to the site, out of concern. He eventually helped us fix a few things on the main site but on his own approached IGN to inquire about getting our old domain back. We started looking at making some major changes to the site's appearance and functionality and he's far better suited to improve the site going forward than I from an administration standpoint. Samspin has a degree in web systems development and I have every confidence in him to take over as site director. I'll still be on as an admin, but he has full creative control of the site going forward and you may already notice a few minor changes here and there.